update no.5 

SODA is now available for viewing. Watch it here and find a very obvious clue (a lovely coupon code) to save 20% at the Crankbunny Shop.

Also available is a limited edition SODA art set that includes a 11x17 signed film poster, a paper toy flexagon (watch below), and a pair of signed shadow puppets from the film. This is a limited edition of 50 - each set is 32.00 plus shipping.
» Visit the Crankbunny Shop to purchase and feel free to use that coupon code in the film until November 15th!

SODA Paper Toy Flexagon

update no.4

This week has been fun finishing up a few final things for SODA. Posted below are some images of the film paper cut poster, a fun flexagon paper toy trailer, and a set of shadow puppets from the film that will be for sale once SODA is viewable October 15th.

flexagon paper toy trailer

SODA paper cut poster

SODA shadow puppet set

The poster, paper toy, and shadow puppet will be sold together, each signed, and as an edition of 50. They will be available through the Crankbunny Shop and the Crankbunny Etsy store.

Also, there’s tons of new information in the different sections of this website - so go check that out in the “Extra Info” and “Links” area. It’s very nerdy stuff, so if you enjoy that sort of thing (I DO) it’s very much a treat.

update no.3

Posted up a trailer for SODA - a small peek at the film which will be public Oct 15th 2011. All the neat paper goodies to go along with the film are at the printers - photos and info on how to get them will be up soon too! Hopefully people will get to enjoy them on Halloween and for the Day of the Dead.

Be goodie,
Crankbunny / Norma V Toraya

update no.2

The film SODA is finished and will be released to the public October 15th on the internet with some other neato venues in the works. To mark the upcoming Halloween and Day of the Dead festivities, there will also be some wonderful paper toys (-do you know what a flexagon is!?-), a film poster, and shadow puppets available to the public that go along with the film.

Hopefully next week I will add more information to this website about the animation processes and nerdy (we call it “creative obsessive” around here) basis of SODA.

True Dat,
Crankbunny / Norma

update no.1

Currently, the animated short SODA is still a rough cut with the finishing and final sound to be completed in the next few weeks. There will be sneak previews for business friends & familia. Also film goodies will be available too in mid-September! The film goodies consist of posters, paper toys and actual shadow puppets to go with the animated short. SODA will be available for viewing in mid-October.

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Just health,
Crankbunny / Norma